How to Use Storytelling to Grow Your Business

How to Use Storytelling to Grow Your Business


Many people way smarter than I have written a gazillion posts about how important blogging is to growing a business today.  We’ve all heard it but neither one of us has been moved to action yet.

In January of this year I moved my bath & body brand Olivia & Ruby from Etsy to Shopify primarily to take advantage of the advanced features available on big ecommerce sites like abandoned cart marketing, email list building, etc. I knew the move would allow me to add a blog and I’ve posted a few things but haven’t really gone all in with it.  Subconsciously I don’t think I made the connection with why a blog is so valuable…until now.

I’ve noticed a formula for building a business that really works and it’s tied to storytelling:

  1. Craft Your Story
  2. Tell Your Story
  3. People Connect with You through Your Story
  4. People Buy Stuff created/curated by You, The Storyteller

My favorite definition of a story is “an account of the evolution of something” from Google.  Depending on what your brand is about, we want to know the evolution of you as a person, your products, your company, or your family.

Blogging at it’s core is a storytelling platform. It allows us to know the evolution of a thing and what it’s all about. The more time we spend with you the more engaged we’ll be.  We’ll check out your Facebook page, we’ll see if you have stuff posted on You Tube, we may even Google you.   It’s blogging that makes deeper connections possible in the virtual world and leads to business growth.

While Instagram and Twitter are great for attracting initial interest, it’s a 2-hour movie compared to blogging which is a 126 episode show. Much as I like Pride & Prejudice (1995 BBC edition with Colin Firth), I know way more about Lady Mary, Edith, Carson, and Bates from watching six years of Downton Abbey than I do Elizabeth and Darcy because I’ve spent more time with them.

My mission this year is to invest more time in learning how to be a good blogger and not as much time formulating new products or designing new labels as none of those activities will do as much to grow my business as becoming a consistent  blogger will.  My products are great and my current customers love them.  I just need more people to know about them so they too can love them.

If I haven’t convinced you to board the blog train yet, check out Mimi G’s story of how she went from a girl sewing at home to an award-winning lifestyle blogger with online courses, a pattern line, and even a conference.

We Can Do This!

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