Yep…this is your inner entrepreneurs mood when you decide to launch a creative business with absolutely no idea how to do it!

Never fear! Tonya – the Great Idea Girl – is here to help you map out a solid plan to start your online business SMART and move it forward.

Why can I help You?

  • 10+ years helping creatives build online businesses
  • Day Hustle – eCommerce Strategy for a Fortune 50 company
  • Have planned, launched, & managed numerous Popup Shops & Markets
  • 20+ years as a Graphic & Web Designer
  • MBA in Marketing + BBA in Information Systems

While all of these are great, the biggest reason to work with me is that I’m passionate about independent, online brands and the creative entrepreneurs who build them!

So drop me a note. Not just because I’m working on becoming a digital nomad and traveling the world (100% true), but more importantly I’m actually very good at developing ideas to improve your business.

Go Create & Be Great!

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  1. Calvin Williams Sr

    I really want to teach, but Where do I start? Just the thought of beginning is overwhelming..

    1. admin

      Hello Mr. Williams – Are you interested in teaching online vs in person? Specific subjects?

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