Why I can help You…

  • 13+ working with creative business owners
  • 20+ years of experience working across the enterprise at a Fortune 50 company with positions in IT, Customer Experience, Marketing, and Solutions/Sales Support:
    • Small & Medium Customer Strategy
    • Learning & Development
    • IT Project & Technical Program Management
    • Software Requirements Development & Software Testing
    • Business Operations Planning & Management
    • Technical Support
  • 20+ years as a Graphic & Web Designer
  • MBA in Marketing + BBA in Information Systems

While all of these are great, the biggest reason to work with me is that I’m passionate about small business!

So drop me a note. Not just because I’m working on becoming a digital nomad and traveling the world (100% true), but more importantly I’m actually very good at developing ideas to improve your business.

Go Create & Be Great!

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  1. Calvin Williams Sr

    I really want to teach, but Where do I start? Just the thought of beginning is overwhelming..

    1. admin

      Hello Mr. Williams – Are you interested in teaching online vs in person? Specific subjects?

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