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  • Launching your website has THREE main costs:
  1. Domain Name – a memorable easy-to-spell address for your website. The most common domains will end in .com or .org but there are a variety of others available. Before you decide on a business name you need to check to see if the domain is available. You can do that here. Estimated cost $15 per year
  • Hosting – space on a web server to store your website files. Estimated cost $60 per year
  • Website Design – the cost for a developer to create your website files and load them to the server. Estimated cost starts at $500 for a Basic site with a Welcome, About, and One additional page.
  • GIG uses WordPress to develop general websites. WordPress is the best choice because once the site is designed you will be able to make updates to it yourself. There are a lot of tutorials and videos on how to do this.
  • Ongoing maintenance is NOT included. Your website should be kept current as things change in your business. If you prefer to hire GIG to maintain your site there is a monthly fee of $95.
  • Graphic Design is NOT included. If you don’t have a logo or brand for your business you will need to pay an additional fee for me to create one for you.
  • I am not a writer or editor. You are responsible for writing the content for your website. This includes information about your business, product descriptions, and all other text that appears on the site.  
  • Final payment is required before your website files will be available. Once you have approved a project design you must pay your balance before your website will go live.


  • My time is valuable. Generating new creative content requires carefeul thought before any keystroke or image is begun. If you are looking to save money on a project the best way to do that is to do it yourself. With a little effort and the right tools you can do it!
  • I am a graphic designer not a printer. I design and create printable files for programs, invitations, flyers, business cards, etc. Once the design service is completed you have the option of printing the items yourself or I can send the files to one of the printers in my network for an additional fee.
  • All jobs require a 50% Non-Refunable Deposit. I have so many project s going on that even a phone call which seems a simple thing is time spent thaat I could be working on other things. Please be considerate in this area.
  • Rush Jobs cost more. My standard turnaround times for graphic design services is 7 business days and 25 business days for websites. If you need your project completed in less time than this please be prepared to to pay a 25% surcharge which will allow me to stop working on other jobs and move your project to the top of the list. NOTE: Funeral Programs are almost always RUSH jobs!
  • I am not a writer or editor. You are responsible for writing the text of your resume, flyer, program, invitation, obituary, or other job.  Please spell-check it before sending it to me.  While the design software I use has a spell-check function, the time it takes to do it is often not worth the trouble because of the nature of funeral programs where it will stop at every name. Also the spell-check function in these design programs is not as robust as the ones in a text editing program like Microsoft Word and may not catch everything. If you would like me to provide writing services for you I will gladly do this for an additional fee.
  • Marketing Credit. For the priviledge of including my logo and contact information on the back of your funeral program project I will take $20 off my design service fee.
  • Final payment is required before final delivery. Once you have approved a project design you must pay your balance before I will send you your printable files, send the files to one of my printers, or upload your website.