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  • Tired of working a job with it’s limitations income and control over your time?
  • Convinced that there is some type of business that would better fit their interests, lifestyle, and needs?
  • Have a general idea of what they would like to do but they are not sure if there is a viable business there?
  • Have an existing business, but need someone to help them think through the strategy for future growth?

All of us are gifted by God with gifts, talents, and abilities that can be of value to someone else.  Some of us have gifts that could be the foundation of a sustainable business venture that will bless not only you but many others as well.

My mission is to connect and coach you through the process of discovering the commercially viable business opportunity from the things you’re passionate about. Next, I will work with you to develop a solid business strategy and actionable plan to move from idea to income.

What I can do for you:

  • Clarity | As creative beings we are full of interests, but how do we know if the thing we are passionate about should remain a hobby or turned into a commercially viable and sustainable business? GIG will give you clarity and confidence to move forward.
  • Strategy & Planning | Mike Tyson said “everybody has a plan until they get hit.” All businesses will get hit at some point whether from changes in the economy, consumer behavior, governmental regulations, or a host of other factors. GIG can prepare you for these inevitable hits with a documented strategy and plan that allows you the flexibility to pivot when needed.
  • Brand Development | In today’s business climate, everything is a brand – schools, products, services, people. Finding customers requires that you have a strong brand message and communicate it early and often. GIG can develop your brand story and give you the assets to launch it into the world.

Why Choose Me?

  • Experience | 20+ years working at a Fortune 100 company and it’s customers in Information Technology, Marketing, Customer Experience, and Sales. I have a 360° understanding of what your business needs to be successful.
  • Knowledge | From Agile to Design Thinking to Quality-Driven Management, I’ve worked with the most commonly used frameworks and tools used by the big guys to be successful and I can share this insight with you.
  • Entrepreneur | 15+ years of developing ideas into businesses and running them myself. I understand the good, the bad, and even the ugly and can help you avoid it.
  • Pricing & Costing Expert | Not having a thorough understanding of all the costs of running your business is a major red flag. I can help you know your numbers and develop a strategy that will ensure you meet your financial objectives.  
  • Industry Insight | Specialized insight in key industries – online and Brick+Mortar Retail, Consumer Goods & Personal Care,  Cottage Foods, Fashion & Apparel Manufacturing, Real Estate & Home Construction
  • Creative & Analytical Thinker | The best of both worlds, I approach things using both sides of my brain.  

It’s time for you to use what God has given you to be a blessing to yourself, your family, your community, and the world!