Small Business is Big Business

Launching and managing a small business requires a lot of tasks get completed to be successful…

There are over 33 million small businesses in the US today. Managing a profitable small business requires you to do the same things that a large enterprise must do with fewer people. If you’re a solopreneur – you’ve been trying to do everything with no people which is a recipe for financial failure and burnout. There is a better way to work.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”

African Proverb

Hiring help is for everyone. Even large businesses use contractors to perform certain functions whether it’s because the expertise does not exist within the company or the need is temporary and not worth hiring a permanent employee. Small business owners can adopt this method to strategically grow their business.

As a solopreneur, I learned the hard way that I can’t do everything myself, and do it all well, and see my business grow the way I would like it to. As a creative there are some things that I enjoy doing but that’s still no excuse to do them all. You and I only have 24 hours in day…it’s just not possible to cram 40 hours of work in a day but your business may need that to move it forward.

What I Can Do for You

Start Your Business Smart

  • Create an actionable business plan
  • Market/Industry Research
  • Pricing Strategy Development
  • Business Process Development & Documentation
  • Business Loan Preparation

Find New Clients

  • Create a cohesive & relevant brand identity strategy
  • Create social media content and schedule it on a monthly basis
  • Build out your email marketing list workflows – Klayvio or Mailchimp
  • Social Media Strategy & Scheduling

Build & Optimize Your Online Store

  • Create your online store using Shopify
  • Create the best category strategy for your brand
  • Create your product listings with optimized product descriptions designed to sell
  • Create marketplace product listings
  • Troubleshoot problems with your existing online store

Other Services I Offer

  • E-Learning Content Development
  • Technical Illustration
  • Packaging Design & Sourcing
  • Craft/Trade Show Booth Design & Sourcing

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